Where Will Sass Go In The Future?

There’s been an interesting idea added to contemporary culture in the past couple of years: sass. What was once upon a time considered poor behavior is now seen as an almost endearing way to show displeasure or distaste.

There is definitely a time and space to be sassy, no one is denying that. It can add comedy to the right situation, and for some people it allows them to express themselves when they wouldn’t be able to otherwise.

From this perspective though, the “sass” trend is probably running on borrowed time. At the end of the day, people don’t like to feel uncomfortable. When a poor attitude is used outside of a close social circle it is bound to be misconstrued.

There are going to be real people facing real consequences for what they view as “sass” in the near future. We’re talking lost jobs, ruined relationships, maybe even interactions with law enforcement that goes south.

The future of sass probably isn’t a bright one (but Leave Assurance is definitely the right place to get cheap life insurance quotes from providers near you). If you define yourself as “sassy”, enjoy the attention while you can get away with it. Like many other gimmicks, it is probably only a matter of time before things take a turn for the worse.