The Top Three Bathroom Design Ideas

Ideally, stepping into your bathroom should fill you with calm. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t feel calm when they walk into their bathroom. Instead, they feel frustrated.

If your bathroom needs a few changes, try out these three bathroom design ideas. They have worked for a lot of bathrooms, and they should be able to work for yours as well (applied 5 tips on how to decorate a bathroom I found online, worked out really well for me).

1. Find Decor That Can Double As Storage

Some of the best bathroom decor doesn’t just make your bathroom look nicer; it can also provide some much needed storage space. Hanging a shelf above your toilet looks nice, but it can also give you a place for hand towels and toilet paper. Adding jars to your vanity can look pretty, but it can also ensure that cotton balls don’t make a mess. When you add a new item to your bathroom, try to figure out whether or not it serves a purpose.

2. Come Up With A Theme For Your Bathroom

If you feel like your bathroom isn’t coming together, try to figure out a theme. There are a lot of themes that work well for bathrooms. You could give your bathroom a beachy look, or go for a retro style. Whatever you do, make sure that your bathroom looks pulled together. A great bathroom doesn’t need to be expensive, but ideally, it should look expensive.

3. Make Some Inexpensive Upgrades

If your bathroom is starting to look a little dated, try making a few small, simple upgrades. For example, you could swap out your current fixtures for something new. You could take the panels over your light switches and replace them with something that is newer. You could even add a new mirror above your vanity, or some new hardware to your cabinets. It won’t cost much, but it will make a big difference.

These three bathroom design ideas, are simple, affordable, and effective. They are everything that you could possibly want. If you aren’t pleased with the state of your bathroom, then it is time for you to make a few changes.

If you don’t love your bathroom as it is, then you should know that you don’t have to live with it the way it is now. Look into a few simple upgrades that you can make (or search for DIY bathroom decorating online). Turn your bathroom into the kind of space that you have always wanted to have.