How to Manage Heat Rash in Babies

Heat rash occurs when a baby’s sweat glands are blocked. As their sweat glands still are unable to function normally, red bumps- also called heat rash- develop son the skin’s surface. This condition happens in babies’ necks and back region. This should not be a cause of alarm, and are not entirely harmful if managed in a prompt and efficient manner.


Small raised bumps similar to pimples are the main qualities of a heat rash. This is a very common occurrence during summer months. As babies develop, they form fat folds and get chubby fast. Sweat that is produced accumulates in fatty folds and may eventually block the sweat glands to produce more, thus resulting in heat rashes.

What makes the problem even worse is that parents tend to overdress their newborns as they worry that their babies wouldn’t be able to tolerate cold weather conditions. Overdress may actually induce the development of rashes and may cause overheating. By rule, you should dress your baby as you would dress yourself based on current weather conditions. It is recommended to stick with cotton clothing during hot weather, as cotton has the power to wick moisture away from the skin.

Treatment for Heat Rash

It is best to remove some items of clothing to allow for your baby’s skin to breath. Keep all areas clean, cool, and dry to prevent the development of heat rashes.

Never apply lotion or ointments in affected areas of the skin. This will help in treating other rashes, but may not be beneficial in the case of heat rash. Such products will further block the sweat glands from producing more sweat, thus making the situation worse than it already is.

Prevention of Heat Rash

It is recommended that parents wipe the area clean with a clean, wet towel. After this step, simply apply diaper rash cream directly on the skin. Small heat rashes usually go away after a day. It’s also beneficial to air out areas that are prone to developing heat rash. To speed up drying, you may use a hair dryer on low, cool setting to air out the diaper region and other parts of the skin for 30 seconds.

For small heat rash spots, the immediate thing to do is place a cold, wet washcloth on it for a few minutes. This remedies the problem right away as evidenced by the disappearance of red rash from the skin.

In the case of worsening heat rash, make sure to give your baby oatmeal baths instead of soap. It may be ideal to dress your baby in diapers only until the heat rash disappears. Turn on a humidifier inside your home to moisten the air a bit (you can check online for other things you can do).