What Are The Current Trends In Dental Implants?

My wife has been encouraging me for quite some time now to see about getting dentures. I have always been someone who has dealt with sensitivity to cold and heat while chewing and lately I have noticed that my teeth seem to hurt when I chew crunchy items. Poor teeth seem to run in my family, and no matter what I have done to take care of them throughout the years, I still seem to have problems. Recently, I have had a few teeth that have easily chipped and one fell out.

I am wondering if the latest trends in dental implants will be better for me than having all of my teeth pulled for dentures? I know that you have to have a certain amount of healthy bone in order to have the dental implants put in. Are there newer dental implants that do not require the amount of bone as those of the past? I am just not sure how much solid bone I will have to work with if my teeth are causing issues like this.

I would love to hear about the anchoring systems and what can be done with the newer dental implants. I hear Edward Moon, DDS offer these kinds of stuff.