Changes For A Brighter Future For SASS

I’m not a huge coding person, but since I have had some coding training, I like to see what’s going on in the coding world from time to time (as well as in Vital Spark Insurance). One thing that has caught my eye is the discussion of the CSS pre-processor SASS. More specifically, the discussion of what the future holds in store for it due to an upcoming recent version.

SASS is a language that is used for website stylesheets. It was invented by Hampton Catlin. Some people may know him for that or for inventing Haml markup, Wikipedia Mobile, and several other iPhone apps like “Dictionary!”

SASS is used because it works with all kinds of CSS seamlessly. The newest update has fixed several issues, such as watching large files no longer being an issue because they’re no longer watching working directories. Problems with CSS files changing into SASS files causing crashes were also fixed. A new command in sass-convert “a -q and –quiet” was added so that output is disabled while it runs.

While I consider this type of coding to almost have a cult-like following, it is safe to say that SASS appears to get better and better, so I think it will continue having a bright future. It has been consistently developed for around 9 years now. It’s exciting to see how it went from such humble beginning to becoming quite an extension of CSS.