Nutribullet vs. Nutri Ninja Reviews-Which One Is Better?

nutribullet vs ninja

Nutribullet and Nutri Ninja have been rivals in the bullet blender sectors for quite so long. Mainly, it can really be confusing on what particular one to settle for when looking for one.

So today, we want to compare these to blenders so that at the very least, we can settle the debate on which one is greater than the other.

Let’s check the comparison between Nutribullet and Nutri Ninja

First of all, a bullet blender refers to a small-sized lightweight personal blender that you can use to grind, smash and mix vegetables and fruits and turn them into smoothies.

Typically, either of these two blending units offers some unique features that make them worth buying. For instance, Nutri Bullet is an ideal pick if you prefer simple on and off operation without what you would deem unnecessary programming.

It is also a suitable choice if you’re someone who prefers just obtaining the nutrients from your food ingredients.

But on the same note, the Nutri Ninja bullet is an apt choice if you prefer a unit that is comparatively more advanced and can effectively crush ice during blending.

It is also an essential pick if you want a portable compact machine that contains more than one speed for controlling blending.

Nutri Bullet Blender

Fundamentally, the blender in this series features specialized extractor blades engineered to crush and smash the ingredients to the desired level.

This is vital because it guarantees you purest nutrients that are ideal for the body to absorb and digest culminating to better health.

Nutri Bullet includes quite some accessories in the same box when you buy this blender. Typically, all the accessories play important roles in one way or the other when blending.

And that is the reason you will also find a user manual that makes it easy for you to quickly assemble it when using the different accessories.

The blades of Nutri Bullet blenders are strong given that they are made from durable materials like stainless steel.

Now, this is vital because even when the motor power is somewhat low, the strength of the blade makes it more effective just like blenders which have stronger motors.

But you should also note that Nutri Bullet has as well produced quite a number of blenders that have stronger motors.

Another exciting bit of Nutribullet is that it is so easy to assemble. You don’t need to struggle even a bit even when you get it straight away from the shop.

Cleaning it is also easy. What’s more is that the lip rings and cups are dishwasher safe. You only need to use recommended detergents to clean this blender and all its other attachments.

With its excellent features, you can find it at a very cost-effective price. So you end up saving a considerable amount of money while getting the best blending experience.

Nutri Ninja

In general, this blender also offers best blending efficiency. It is primarily engineered for extracting nutrient by liquefying solid ingredients, nuts fruits, and vegetables.

The essence is to crush these ingredients to the extent where your body could be able to digest and absorb it comfortably and attaining best nutrients.

This blender features a digital keypad for pulse, blend, and ultra-blend which are basically for controlling the desired speed.

With a motor power of 1000 watts and strong blades, you can surely never doubt the ability of Nutri Ninja BL455  in providing the most exceptional smoothie regardless of the ingredient.

What’s more is that Ninja is currently producing some high-end Nutri Ninja blender models. This is imperative because it shows that the company is conscious of your blending needs.

And as you can imagine, the high-end Ninja units have some of the best features that are only comparable to full-size blenders.

This blender also has a solid construction owing to the fact that is manufactured from sturdy materials.

So in general, it is a bit difficult to choose a better option between this two blending units. All of them produce best blending results on different conditions.

They also have unique features that suit different specific needs for everyone who wants to enhance healthy living.

It’s only cost that perhaps makes a somewhat considerable difference between these blenders. Otherwise, either can serve you better.

Find Good Blender with Latest Technology For Your Restaurant


These days, many people are into healthy living. If you’re into the food business, it would be the best thing to find good blender for your restaurant.

In essence, you need to understand that blenders for commercial purposes tend to be relatively different from the countertop blenders. This is as far as design features, and many other specification aspects are concerned.

Now how do you know that you’re selecting an ideal blender for your food store? Of course, with plenty of options in the market currently, picking one that is suitable for you can be a considerable chore.

For that reason, we want to briefly look at some of the fundamental elements to consider while making your choice on this kind of blender;

Specific Type of Blender

Ideally, we have three major types of restaurant blenders; food, bar and immersion blenders. It’s upon you to determine the actual type which you prefer for your food joint.

You can use food blenders continuously without burning out to blend thick smoothies, milkshakes and breaking down hard food ingredients.

If you prefer making signature cocktails such as daiquiris and margaritas, bar blenders would be suitable for your needs. You may as well use them in making smoothies if need be.

For versatility reasons, the ideal commercial blender to go for would be the immersion type. They feature different elements ideal for performing various blending tasks.

Power consumption

This is also another necessary consideration that you have to put in mind when looking for a good blender for your restaurant.

A blender that consumes more power isn’t necessary in this case because of the intensive and continuous blending you’ll be doing from time to time.

Of course, it also depends on the type of food ingredients that you’ll often be blending given that some ingredients require a specific amount of power wattage to break down.

Still, though, you need to realize that power isn’t necessarily the sole indicator of blender performance.


This one arises from the aspect of the blender controls. Most commercial blenders come with different types of controls ranging from the paddle, programmable and electronic.

Each version of these controls presents its own advantages and applications that suit them best. But above all, it is vital to ensure that the controls are user-friendly and easy to operate.

It won’t be necessary to go for a commercial blender that comes with complicated controls which require ample time to understand. It can cause significant inconvenience when you least expect it.


In most cases, you’ll need a commercial blender that is somewhat made of durable materials.

Remember that acquiring such blenders can be a significant investment. Therefore, you don’t need something that will keep on breaking down or even require replacements within a short duration.

So depending on the number of times that you’ll wash your jars, one type of material would be better than the other for your business.

Now it’ll be upon you to determine the right type of material based on your particular needs and preference.


Also known as capacity in this case. You should choose the size of your blender depending on the number of servings you’ll be making.

Undoubtedly you’ll need a relatively large jar if you’re going to make a significant amount of foods at the same time.

Noise level

Some blenders’ sound can be a nuisance. That’s why it’s recommended that you select a blender which has a sound enclosure.

This feature surrounds your blender during operation thus minimizing the level of noise that the blender produces. The only problem is that it may end up reducing immediate accessibility of the controls and jar.

But if noise from the blender is a nuisance in your establishment, then it comes in handy.

Typically, there’s a certain level of noise expected in a restaurant or bar setting. So when you maintain low noise, it encourages customers’ conversations and also creates an ideal environment for your clients.


A commercial blender is something that you’ll regularly be using from time to time depending on the particulars that you’re blending.

So it means that in most cases, you’ll also be cleaning it. And that’s why it would be necessary to choose a blending unit that is easy to clean and also comes with features that facilitate easy cleaning.

For instance, if you can find a blender that features removable blade assemblies, removable jar, and removable shafts, that would be an ideal one to go for.

One more thing is that it is necessary to also go for one that is dishwasher safe.